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Writer and Journalist

About Me

Reading books and writing creatively began as a frivolous and lighthearted venture since childhood. However, it was not until my college years that I began to realize it was my true passion and something that made me feel comfortable, confident, and established. Writing essays, expressing myself through words, and reading an abundance of subjects became my obsession that has continued well past my college experience. Currently, I am a resume analyst assisting job seekers to market themselves through the art of resume writing. I am delighted to utilize my writing competency through many avenues, from professional writing to creative story telling.

My Skills

  • Fast Typist
  • Speed Reader
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Creative Writing
  • Exceptional Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Read More

My Education

UC Santa Barbara - 2013



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Confident Reader and Writer 

I know that I have the skills to comprehend any sort of reading material brought to me, as well as the the ability to articulate my thoughts into writing. 

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Capable of Expressing Myself through Writing

I take pleasure in transforming my thoughts into words. I enjoy sharing experiences through those words that others may read. Every moment I write about is a window into my mind. 

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Impressive Vocabulary and Grammar 

A strong vocabulary is my arsenal and correct grammar is my tool to making said arsenal powerful. Being such an eager reader and writer has created beautiful vocabulary content and grammar skills for me. Through better use of vocabulary and grammar I may assist clients to market themselves correctly. 


  • 2015 - Current
    Resume Analyst

My Success Stories

Shutterstock 340384811 (1) Designated Trainer

For Climber I attended a resume analysis training workshop so that I may be equipped to pass along the correct format, language, vocab and grammar to others. I also helped format the training manual to better assist incoming employees.

Shutterstock 272513510 Resume Analysis

I take pride in every bit of feedback I give to clients regarding their resumes. It is my intention to return quality corrections and analyzation to my customers so that they may achieve their career goals.